Buying a Car Navigation System

Just about four years ago vehicle navigation systems were pretty much unheard of, but with the proliferation of gps enabled fish finders for marine use and handheld devices for just about everyone else, it was easy to see that automobiles would be next.
These days many new cars offer some form of navigation system as an option, with a few top of the line cars offering systems as standard equipment. My, how times have changed! But what about all the other cars? Surely they need to know where they are going too, right?
Right. That’s where aftermarket systems come in to play. And the good news is there’s a lot more choice than you would get from the dealer when buying a new car. You get to choose from top brands like Magellan, Garmin, TomTom, and many more. You can also pick and choose from a wide array of mapping software packages so your directions come out just as you like.
So where do you start?
I’d recommend checking out some of the more popular models like the Magellan Roadmate 800/760, Garmin StreetPilot, or the TomTom Go 300. If those are beyond youe budget all the brands offer lower priced models, or you can even try a used system.
Get back on track, get a navigation system for your car today!