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1952 Ford F1 Pickup, Peekskill Road Knights, Peekskill 2005

This show always brings out some real stunning and beautiful cars and 2005 was no different. Some of the highlights captured on this page include a 1954 Ford Bell Telephone Truck, a 1928 Ford Model A Fire Truck, a 1953 Kaiser and of course plenty of AMC cars. Interestingly, there were also many cars with a For Sale sign stuck in the window, making it a great opportunity to become a classic car owner. Of course, many of the attendees were probably not walking around with $20,000 or more in their pockets and it didn’t seem like too many cars changed hands. They could have though, with a rather unique auto loan program through Getting an auto loan for a classic can be next to impossible, since banks only see a 30+ year old automobile instead of the timeless designs we know they truly are. Road Loans is a little different though. Once you get approved online, they send you a blank check for the amount you were approved for. Once received,
you can use that auto loan for any vehicle you want. Just fill in the blanks on the check and hand it over! A race car, a new car, used car, project car, it doesn’t matter. They even do bad credit auto loans. The next time you’re planning on going out to a car show and seeing what’s for sale, get a Road Loans auto loan and drive home whatever vehicle you want that day!